Senior Android Developer (Kotlin)

Ho Chi Minh City

Mobile Engineer

Toàn thời gian

ANDPAD Việt Nam is looking for one Android Mobile Developer (Kotlin) who can join our team and develop the application in cooperation with the product manager. Working in the form of Squad, a small team can quickly and consistently engage in everything from design to development, testing and operation.

Also, there are a lot of opportunities to work with new languages ​​and frameworks other than the main language in an international environment.

■ Job Scope

  • Design and implementation function of the product in charge  of using Kotlin
  • High-performance design and development of camera module and drawing functions
  • API design / implementation linked with backend
  • Requirements definition and specification formulation in collaboration with product managers,designers and QA
  • Refactoring of existing applications, enhancements performance, Cost reduction of regression testing by implementing appropriate test code

■ Development environment

    •   Programing: Kotlin
    •   Framework: Kotlin
    •   Infrastructure: AWS/GCP
    •   CI/CD: Circle CI/Bitrise/GitHub Actions
    •   Knowledge Tool: Confluence/esa
    •   VCS: GitHub
    •   Others: Slack/Jira/Trello

Must have: 

  • Empathy for Andpad‘s mission and values
  • 6+ years of experience in developing native applications with Android Native Kotlin
  • Experience as a technical lead throughout the full project development lifecycle
  • Experience to build project from zero as well as refactoring project
  • Experience in developing functions with writing unit tests
  • Experience of architecture design, OOP, SOLID, Design Pattern  and framework selection based on application requirements
  • Creating high quality code for security, performance, scalability, testability, etc.
  • Skills in code review, solving problems, bug analysis, and error troubleshooting
  • Skills in communicating smoothly with team members and other stakeholders
  • Ability to deliver high performance and scalable solutions
  • Skills Experience of development and operation using various frameworks
  • Good at English communication

Nice to have: 

  • Experience in developing functions with writing instrumentation/automation tests
  • Experience in dealing with scalability in line with service growth
  • Experience of publishing and contributing Open Source Software

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