About us

ANDPAD Vietnam is part of ANDPAD Inc., providing the No.1 cloud-based construction project management service in Japan with more than 410,000 users. ANDPAD covers from communication, site schedule arrangement, quality check, order control to management improvement in the construction industry.

Software engineers and development team in ANDPAD Vietnam enjoy dynamic roles of SaaS product development within an international working environment, not consuming tasks but more on creative engineering works for clients and users in the construction industry.


Bring happiness to those who build happiness.

The building and construction industry enriches lives by constructing homes, public buildings, and communities. In a sense, it could be said to “build happiness.” We want to use the power of technology to support these people who build happiness. That's what genuinely inspires us.

On construction sites the situation changes from day to day. It's a race against time: designs and specifications change, leading to delays in documentation and the start of construction; there's information to be shared via phone and fax; and people must travel to check on-site progress.

We create a little extra mental space within the frantic construction site environment. It allows personnel to strive for higher quality, hone their techniques, accumulate knowledge, and deepen their bonds with their colleagues and their families. They can praise each other's work and do more work they themselves can be proud of.

However much technology may advance, building and construction are creative jobs carried out by human hands: that always has been and always will be the case. These are the hands that build happiness to make people happy.

We at ANDPAD facilitate that process



We maintain professional attitudes and skills.

Mission Driven

We aim to be valued by our users and customers and co-create with them as we fulfill our responsibility to help build the future of society and the construction industry.


We listen to the opinions of those working in the construction industry, learn, and continuously resolve issues. Regardless of our position, we engage with the delivery of solutions, respecting the wishes of people we had actual contact with.

Customer Success

As a SaaS company in the building and construction industry, we continuously grow together with our team members and customers through relationships founded on mutual trust. We're willing to make the effort to create “chains of trust.”

Technology First

Having built up trust from the industry through our product development capability, we constantly try out and explore new technologies. We never compromise on our product.


We really care about the ANDPAD service we're developing. We communicate our perspective to users and customers so that all our stakeholders will help spread the word.

Current Job Openings

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CEO Message

Our mission is to “Bring happiness to those who build happiness”.

With more than 461,000 ANDPAD users working in the construction industry, ANDPAD provides a wide range of services from communication to management improvement.

We never compromise on our products and we build the trust of the industry through the technology.

Originally, the construction and computer industries are built around the art of creativity.

Bring your creativity and strong spirit contributing to the innovative work of users in the construction industry to ANDPAD product development.

Why You'll Love Working Here

No.1 Start Up of the Construction Tech in Japan

Remote/Hybrid working style

Attractive remuneration

Good career advancement opportunities

Advance insurance packages